Hello, my name is Philippe Justel

I was born and raised in France, but have now lived in the US for many years.

As a teenager, I became very interested in photography, thanks to my father who was an amateur photographer.  I went as far as applying to several photography schools in France, but ended up going to college for a different career. 

After moving to the US, I was not doing much more than taking snapshots of family, vacations or holidays.

Eventually I rediscovered my passion for photography and realized what it brought me.  When I am photographing, I feel as if everything is slowing down.  

I really enjoy being able to document and record a slice of time, that is most likely not going to happen again.  It is for me a way to capture a sight, a vision or a special moment that I encountered and to remember it.

I am most interested in documenting life of my fellow humans, in their environment.